PlayStation VR Test and Review


Due to the upcoming release of Skyrim VR this Friday (17th of November) I decided to get myself a PlayStation VR headset, which is the cheapest proper VR Headset currently available with prices starting at 350€ for just the Headset or 400€ for the starter kit which contains the Headset, two motion controllers and the PlayStation Camera. I wanted to share my experience with this system and tell you about some tips and tricks that I discovered during usage.

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Growing up a twin I never worried about belonging because I had an automatic beat friend. We hung out with kids in the neighbourhood but we were just as happy playing by ourselves. If you look in my Facebook friends list a good portion of them are from public school. High school was just a place where we went to learn and went back home. We weren’t artistic (although Janet was really good in art), we weren’t in the band or choir and we weren’t “academic”. We were teased because we were different. It’s cute being twins when you are young but not in high school.
I have one really good friend from college and we talk often by email or phone. We get along because we have the same values.
Yesterday I went to a coffee shop with about 6 people from our writing class. Unfortunately the one…

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palpable paucity of personal pleasure


overstrained, overstretched and overworked

exhaustive daily schedules and chores

a mad run to discharge their duties

a crazy rush to settle their scores

mutilated mechanical monotonous life

the keenness for retrieving leisure

the over busy diary of daily events

palpable paucity of personal pleasure

is this the living we wished to endure

is this a real or a virtual subsistence

is this the melodramatic tragedy called life

or is this the sheer purpose of our existence


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I volunteer.

In the Periphery

I want to be
that cigarette
you smoke.
That bitch
that gets to
kiss your lips
and fills
your soul
with pleasure.
I want to be
the one
that you suck
with your lips
until you’re
I want to be
that glass
of whiskey.
That sucker
you love to
feel in your
that burns
your thirsty
I want to be
all that
for you
even though
I know
you love to
throw them
when you’re
without saying
I volunteer.

Daily Prompt – Volunteer

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A Quick Lesson in Kindness

Just Writing!


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt


Shondra was new in school.She was pretty and friendly, but the year was already well under way, and she was having trouble establishing herself. She figured out pretty quickly who the cool kids were, and that’s where she felt she belonged. Some of the other kids, perfectly nice but not cool, were friendly toward her.  Didn’t matter. She knew where she needed to be.

One morning, Mrs.Crandall was walking down the hall to her classroom. She noticed Shondra slipping small white envelopes into several of the lockers. She didn’t sense anything furtive in Shondra’s behavior, but she figured she’d better make sure.

Image result for girl putting invitations in lockers

“Good morning, Shondra!  What are you up to so early in the morning?”

Shondra’s eyes rounded for just a moment,  but then she laughed. “I’m not up to anything, Mrs. Crandall.  You know I’ve been having…

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no sneakers

kStan(ly) kSays

the marathon began at 1
a thousand avid ants
fire-ants-1790262_960_720now race across the kitchen floor
i’ve tried but yet i can’t
locate the place the race began
to staunch the flow or stop it
it seems to end where my veal cutlet
landed when i dropped it
the runners wear no sneakers
no numbers on their backsfire-ants-1790262_960_720
their uniform is, to an ant,
entirely jet black
they don’t get winded
don’t slow down
they’re made of tougher stuff
i cheer them on with insect spray
i hope i have enough

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by skeeze, courtesy
created for the  Daily prompt – marathon

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