A Day in Tagaytay


Dear Readers,

How are you guys doing? I know it’s kinda late already but I’m still going to say it.. Happy New Year everyone! Wishing all of you the best this 2017. 

Below is my late post. Huhu! I forgot to publish it because of my hectic sched. once again! Apologies everyone 😂 I hope you will still read it. Thank you!

December 25, 2016

This is how we spent the birth of Jesus Christ. 💟

First, we went to Pink Sisters located in Tagaytay.

We left Dasmarinas, Cavite at 8:00 in the morning and we arrived there at 10am. We were late for the last mass in the morning and the next mass is 5:00 in the afternoon so we just prayed as a family and afterwards, we had our tour around the place.

These are what we saw 😍





15732459_10205635340521677_405531567185446628_o(L-R) Me, my sister, my cousin, my auntie, mom and dad


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