Zachary W Gilbert, Author

Capable.  The word rolls out of the mouth,

like a boulder, loosed from a mountain,

it rolls and crushes everything in its path.

when it strikes the cold river, it shatters.

Capable.  Stolen from good,

a now twisted word,

thrown into conversation purposefully,

ensconced cowards, a perpetually volley.

History hides whispers of the dark use

of ‘capable’.

“Your not capable to do that job!”

“Your not capable of understanding my politics.”

“Your not capable of love!”

A word flung out in blind ambiguity.

Capable.  Must be saved.

Away to a high mountain top,

housed in a stone fortress

made of the still boulders of achievement,

a welcoming, safe path to success.

A wooden sign holds,

burned, black letters,

“You ARE capable!”

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83. Dance into the dream


The end stands here
Where the beginning was once,
Our paths might never meet again,
So let us just dance.

Our past doesn’t always stay the same,
Every moment changes it at once,
Tomorrow might never really get to breathe,
So this might be our only chance.

The end is here
Where the melody has played more than once,
Come, let us drift into yesterday
Even though we never began our dance.

©Brindology 2015

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Daily prompt:Uneven

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Moody -Today’s prompt

Glimpses of my life
They say i am moody , so rough and tough
Do they reckon the pain , entwined with my soul

They see my arrogance and the vile ambience that surrounds

Do they see the crass , time has caused to me

They say i am harsh , and deserve to be alone

Don’t they see my frozen heart aching for a loving mate

They say i’m hopeless , can’t decide what i want…

horrendous faces at my back ,

Grumbling about my past…

Why don’t they lend me a hand , bring me out of the dark

The memories that haunt me ,why don’t they pull apart …
I do want to rejoice ,

Want to chatter for hours …

I wanna be alive again

Just lend me a fresh start ☺

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. will you save me from drowning .

sonja benskin mesher

will you watch the world             treading.

water floats my heart high, reflected red

below,                                              sky above.

will you hold me up when i am failing,  no

longer floating   .   will you play soft music


that we are in this together.meanwhile shall

we keep swimming




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